fullsizeoutput_4edThe S65 motor found in the E9x generation of M3’s is not necessarily quiet but it does lack an exhaust note worthy of the hard work the Germans put in on this amazing V8.  After looking at options and listening to Ryan’s car I had narrowed my search.  Fortunately a used set of Meisterschaft can showed up on the forums and Craigslist for $1,000 tiny Canadian dollars (in case you’re from else where the Canadian dollar is at 75 cents to the US dollar right now making mods from the US a bit pricey).  I figured as this was way below what a new set from GT HAUS would cost me ( $2,800 big US dollars plus ridiculous shipping because Canada Post has no idea how to get anything anywhere) i would just do it and if i didn’t like it find something else later.

We figured it was a pretty easy install.  Drop the old cans put the new cans on and done.  However thats not really the case.  The E93 M3 has more bracing due to its removable top but that wasn’t the hard part.  The hard part came when we tried to put the new cans on.

Apparently, Meisterschaft was nice enough to redesign their exhaust ones the convertible version of the E9x cars came out to fit the extra rear bracing.  The exhaust i bought was not one of the newly redesigned ones.  Enter MR. HAMMER….with a bit of convincing and about a half inch dent in the cans she fit…..kinda but more on that in another post.

The result…..well i would have to say the car is now obnoxious and i love it.  My neighbors not so much but i never really like them anyway.  There’s a video on the YouTube channel of a cold start…..headphone users beware.

Anywho, that’s all for now.  Thanks for stopping by



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