BMW M badges on everything

Its a running joke in the BMW community that people put M badges on anything.  This was all well and good until BMW got into the game with their “M Editions” of everything under the sun.  Back in my day, (yes I sound like a grumpy old man), M cars were special. Everyday non M cars could only get an M sport pack, with a new front bumper, some non M wheels and a few small M badges inside the car.

Enter BMW in recent years.  The M235 Sport, the X6 4.0 M Sport and god knows how many other not very special edition M sport cars.  The guys in Germany became almost as bad as the 19 year old down the street, with a 1990 318i with 13 different M badges on it while the front wheels don’t match the back and the rear bumper is painted in primer.

I know i may sound like an M snob or whatever term you’d like to use, but seeing as M cars of old only shared 25% of the parts with original car, they were something special.  Something you sought out and something you bought with a purpose.  Now that an M badge is a box you check on an order sheet for 20 more horsepower a louder exhaust and some special wheels and aero bits, its lost something to me.

M cars had Bespoke motors and some of the best at that.  They had suspension bits with M stamped on them and they had different seats, interiors and body panels.  Their engine codes started with S and they were head and shoulders above the already great cars BMW made.  Its time for BMW to bring M back to its glory and stop slapping badges on cars not worthy of them.  Its Time To Make M Great Again!!!

Make M Great Again Hats


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