Ryan’s E93

Here are some details about Ryan’s 2008 Jarez Black E93 M3 Cabriolet.

Well folks as many people have heard the S65 is a phenomenal engine with a few historical issues. The number one thing on my list after purchasing the car used was to have the rod bearing changed as there have been a fair number of bearing failures causing a catastrophic engine failure. My car only had 55,000 kilometers on the clock but I’d rather be safe than sorry without knowing the full history of the car. For this job I turned to the experts at VCM Auto.  Mark and Tattney are magicians with the S65 motor having built a fair number of high horsepower monsters including their own “Killer Bee”. We will have many more details on “Killer Bee” as well as a few of their other amazing cars later on in the blog and hopefully a dyno day including a few of them as well.

When deciding on replacement equipment we decided to go with VAC Motorsports coated rod bearings as they offer a bit more clearance over the original equipment and have an anti friction coating for a bit of extra piece of mind.



While the car was in the shop we decided that it would be a great time to add a few more horsepower to the M3.  After a bit of research, we decided to let the fine folks at Active Autowerkes add some power to the car and we picked up their performance intake, underdrive pulley setup as well as a new tune for the ECU. These modifications paired up with the Meisterschaft rear exhaust section have made an incredible increase in the sound and performance of the car. The throttle response as well as power throughout the rev range is impressive to say the least. I will add more pictures later as well as a video when we hit the dyno. I’m looking forward to see what a difference these parts will make on the rollers.


Till next time…..stay tuned!!!






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